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- SERDI received ISO 9001:2015 Certification (Nov 2018)
- SERDI awarded USDA NRCS IT Security Division [Prime]
- SERDI awarded FHFA Data Analytics Contract [Prime]
- SERDI awarded Air Force Agency of Modeling and Simulation Office Technical Support [Prime]
- SERDI awarded IRS BEP Scampi B Assessment & PMO Support BEN Program [Prime]
- SERDI received ISO 9001:2008 Certification (2015)


- SERDI awarded ARMY FA24/FA53 PMO Support Contract [Prime]
- SERDI awarded GSA PSS (MOBIS) Schedule [Prime]
- SERDI awarded GSA IT 70 Schedule [Prime]
- SERDI awarded USDA Cyber Security BPA [Prime]
- SERDI awarded GSA 8(a) STARS II Contract [Prime]
- SERDI awarded FAA e-FAST IDIQ Contract [Prime]
- SERDI awarded DoS-FSI BPA [Prime]
- SERDI Awarded DIA Purchasing Support Acquisition Contract [Prime]
- SERDI received ISO 9001:2008 Certification
- SERDI selected as the TASC FAA Protégé
- SERDI joins SAIC Team on TAOSS Award [Sub-Contractor]
- SERDI joins TASC, Inc. Team on FAA ETASS Contract Award [Sub-Contractor]
- SERDI joins TASC, Inc. Team on USG One Contract Award [Sub-Contractor]
- SERDI joins TASC, Inc. Team on DHS-iCAATT Award [Sub-Contractor]
- SERDI joins Syneren Technologies on NIH-CIOSP3 Small Business Award [Sub-Contractor]
- SERDI joins LGS Innovations on NIH-CIOSP3 Large Business Award [Sub-Contractor]
- SERDI Joins HPTi on TIPSS-4 IDIQ IRS Contract Award [Sub-Contractor]
- SERDI joins HPTI on FBI-ITSSS Award [Sub-Contractor]
- SERDI Joins TASC, Inc. Team on FAA SE2020 Contract Award [Sub-Contractor]

- SERDI certified as an 8(a), and SDB by SBA
- SERDI certified as a MBE- DOT Certified Business
- SERDI awarded a GSA MOBIS Schedule 874 Contract
- SERDI awarded a GSA IT Schedule-70 Contract
- SERDI awarded Army National Guard Awards BPA for IT Services [Prime]
- SERDI joins Robbins-Gioia on DHS CISO Office Contract Award [Sub-Contractor]
- SERDI joins Lockheed Martin on HSPD-12 Treasury Contract Award [Sub-Contractor]
- SERDI joins C.W. Incorporated on VA IV&V C&A Services Contract Award [Sub-Contractor]