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SERDI's staff has demonstrated ability in providing services and solutions to help meet your needs.

SERDI's capabilities can assist with the performance, quality, timeliness and efficiency of your organization. Program management and integration are the keys to project success. Project management is a fundamental management responsibility that is vital to achieving overall project's objectives. Risks must be appropriately mitigated with sufficient controls in place to ensure that projects are completed on-time, within budget, and aligned with the business case in order to achieve the mission of the agency.

Business Services Capabilities: Strategic Business Planning | EVM | PMO Support | CBA | Risk Management | Business Modeling & Simulation | Organization Planning & Assessment | Performance Measures & Indicators | 300s & Capital Planning | Project Management (Plans, Schedules, Reporting) | QA | Process Analysis | Program Audits & Evaluation

SERDI Information Assurance Services help businesses minimize risk through a sustained security program that protects the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of critical systems and data.

Information security is an ever-present challenge for businesses. Our information assurance experts have helped Federal agencies, State agencies, and commercial clients to secure their enterprise operations while enabling information sharing. Risks can arise from inadequate business processes and procedures, failures in policy and regulatory compliance, audit reports, issues associated with Internet and extranet connectivity, employee misconduct, corporate espionage, and unforeseen business interruptions.

We utilize industry best practices and proven methodologies to deliver security and recovery expertise across an enterprise. We bring real-world experience to customers through audits and government inquiries, disaster recovery experience, and industry-leading technical certifications.

Cyber Security Capabilities: C&A | Penetration Testing | Continuous Monitoring & Compliance | Testing & Evaluation Analysis | Security Planning | Contingency/Disaster Recovery Planning | Awareness & Training

We provide a broad range of systems integration, engineering, information technology, and technical support solutions. Our integrated solutions focus on the entire lifecycle of any project. SERDI provides complex systems engineering services and critical system-enabling technologies to various Federal and commercial clients. Core competencies include research, development, testing and evaluation, systems development, and other systems engineering disciplines.

Systems Engineering Capabilities: SDLC | System Analysis & Design | Testing | Requirements | Design | IV&V | Configuration Management | Human Factors & User Experience Engineering | Test & Evaluation Planning

SERDI Training and Education Advisers along with our team members have assisted hundreds of thousands of people, helping them achieve their training and education goals, while saving time and money. You'll be amazed at what we can do for you!

Regardless of whether you are the employer or the employee, our team is there to serve you. With support from our SERDI team, we can help reduce the amount spent in tuition dollars while increasing the number of employees furthering their education with the consortium of cost-effective colleges and universities supporting us and the wide array of tuition-free courses employees can access to prepare for college credit-by-examinations. Discounts in tuition rates and other special incentives from participating colleges and universities can bring about even greater savings.

Education & Training Capabilities: Just-In Time Training | Coaching | System User Training | Degree Planning | Stakeholder Support (e.g., webinars, brown bags, classroom)

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is a comprehensive framework used to manage and align an organization's IT assets, people, operations, and projects with its operational characteristics. In other words, the enterprise architecture defines how information and technology will support the business operations and provide benefit for the business. Our EA Consulting Services can help organizations with the adaptation and implementation of the concept of Services Orientation Architecture (SOA), an enterprise architectural style of defining Business and IT in term of services. SERDI can provide you with the tools, platform and services to meet and establish your environment standards. Trust our experts to transition you into the future.

EA Capabilities: EA Governance & Tools | Blueprints | Gap Analysis | Roadmap | Strategies | EA Frameworks | Standardization

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