SERDI Training and Education Advisers along with our team members have assisted hundreds of thousands of people, helping them achieve their training and education goals, while saving time and money. You'll be amazed at what we can do for you!

Regardless of whether you are the employer or the employee, our TEAM is there to serve you. With support from the SERDI TEAM, we can help reduce the amount spent in tuition dollars while increasing the number of employees furthering their education with the consortium of cost-effective colleges and universities supporting us and the wide array of tuition-free courses employees can access to prepare for college credit-by-examinations. Discounts in tuition rates and other special incentives from participating colleges and universities can bring about even greater savings.

Education and Training Capabilities:

  • Credit for Professional Services
  • Just-In Time Training
  • Affordable Degree Planning
  • Tuition Free Courses
  • GED Plus Program Support
  • Tuition Benefits Outsourcing